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National Code: AHC21316

Duration: 12 Months

Start: Anytime

This qualification provides an entry level occupational outcome in shearing.

It recognises the work of a novice shearer who is able to shear a minimum of 40 adult merino sheep or 50 adult crossbred sheep per day to an acceptable industry standard.

The shearing industry expects this qualification to be achieved to meet job outcomes at this level.

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Traineeship.

Core and Elective Units

Core Units

Unit Code














Unit Title

Apply animal welfare principles to handling and husbandry of livestock 

Crutch sheep

Shear sheep to novice level

Grind combs and cutters for shearing

Prepare handpiece for machine shearing

Undertake basic shearing and crutching

Participate in work health and safety processes

Work effectively in the industry

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


Total Number of Units to Complete


Number of Core Units


Number of Elective Units

Job Opportunities

Job roles for candidates with this qualification include:

  • Shearer novice level

  • Crutcher

Entry Requirments

You need to be employed as a shearing trainee

You need to supply your own handpiece, combs and cutters (suitable for different types of sheep), clothing and footwear suitable for shearing

Training Options

Flexible delivery with in-shed training and assessment with regional workshops in NSW


*The amount you will pay will depend on your individual circumstances

Government subsidised fee (for eligible students): Up to $1340    FEE FREE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

The fee that is displayed is the price for a student completing their second qualification and meeting eligibility criteria. The fee you pay may be lower depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility for a subsidised place, a concession or an exemption.

Please contact Australian Agricultural Training for a personal fee assessment or access the Fee Schedule

Recognition of Prior Learning

You may have skills, knowledge, previous training or experience which is relevant to this course, if so you may wish to have this recognised. This may reduce your training time. 

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